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MOHP-नेपालका दिशानिर्देशहरू पालना गर्नुहोस् र आफ्ना हातहरू दिनहुँ धुनुहोस्। यस समयमा सबैजना सकारात्मक र रचनात्मक हुनै पर्छ।

Single Click Can Save your 70% Designing Time - Graphics Designer

The following artifacts are all online tools and do not need to be downloaded. I was worried that everyone would forget it, so I sorted it out, hoping to give you some help. These effects take a long time and are time-consuming when you actually do in software like Photoshop, Capture1, etc. The best thing is that you don't need to download these tools and are 100% free to use.
1.Duotone Generator
Developer: ShapeFactory
Duotone, In Nepali , डुओटोन, a design style commonly used in European and American magazines. As the name suggests, this artifact allows you to generate a cool two-color painting style with one click without pain! No need to open Adobe Photoshop at all!

The interface of the tool is shown below. The left side is the color palette, and the right side is the default recommended image. The materials are all from the famous free commercial library Unsplash:
Free Stock Images: 

In addition to choosing the default recommended picture, you can also upload your own, just drag and drop the picture into the tool:
You can also modify the color scheme at will, WYSIWYG:
Now, when you look at the design below, is it already stress-free?

Hidden Tools
This artifact actually has hidden tools, just click on the development team in the upper
left corner to try it.

You will find that in addition to Duotone, there are three other gadgets under ShapeFactory. The reasons for space will not be introduced in detail, so please take a


Pigment: a flamboyant color card generator

Gradient: a flamboyant gradient generator


Science fiction movies such as Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell have built a unique cyberpunk world, and have successfully spawned a design style called Glitch Art. The more
sought after by designers. Speaking of people, it ’s an effect that your TV is broken / your phone ’s screen is broken. It is also called Glitch Effects. It is one of the popular effects on Instagram.

There are many tools for generating fault art on the Internet, but PhotoMosh is the most powerful one. The method of use is very simple, just drag and drop the picture into the tool:

PhotoMosh provides a total of 27 kinds of fault effects. If you have difficulty in selecting, click the random button "MOSH" below to break your screen in one click.

27 kinds of special effects, you can definitely find the effect you want through permutation and combination.

Every special effect is worth digging.For example, this effect called "wobble/shake" can instantly twist your picture and feel.

What if you save this twisting effect as a moving image or video?

Another example is this effect called "Jitter / Jitter", does it look very jittery?

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