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Science of Dark Mode Design - Sabinn


Why almost every device is running in Light Mode when the technology is switching to dark mode?


Why do we use Dark Mode? Is it because the design looks more interactive and eye-catching? Find Out!

Where should I start designing in dark mode? Let's take a look.

In fact, reviewing our commonly used apps, many have updated the dark mode, and each app has a different definition and design of dark color.


Picture From Dribble.com Dark Mode


Picture From sabinrokka.com.np Light Mode

Reason to choose dark Mode

1.Demanding Trend

Over the past year, Android 10 and iOS 13 have adapted dark mode, and Apple and Google have also been committed to investing resources and attention in dark mode, which has made dark mode highly concerned by users.

2.Focus on Content

Dark mode has better readability in low-light environments, allowing us to focus more on the screen in front of us. At the same time, the dark background will reduce the influence of the elements around the content, especially applications that are mainly based on pictures and videos, allowing users to focus more on the content. Netflix, which is a content-consuming application, uses a dark background as the default design style. The dark design allows users to concentrate more and prolong their use time.

3.Reduces Irritation

Compared with other colors, the dark design looks more comfortable at night. Maybe you don’t have to worry about the light being too dazzling when playing the phone at night, but the dark mode is not helpful for eye protection, it can only be said to reduce eye irritation.

4.Prolong Battery Life

Dark mode is more power-saving and only applicable to OLED screens. Each pixel of the OLED panel can emit light separately. When using the dark mode, some pixels are turned off and only some pixels are lit. A part of the screen is equivalent to being in a sleep state, so it will save more power.

Platform Design Guide

In dark mode, Apple has reexamined the meaning of UI styles and colors in iOS. Let's take a look at the changes brought about by designing dark mode on iOS.

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