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Learning Flutter

What is Flutter ?

Flutter is an open source framework developed by Google in the year 2017, which allows you to build native applications for Android and iOS.
With the help Flutter you can design a beautiful and intuitive app that can run on Android and iOS with a same code base(It means you dont need to code for multiple times).
Native apps interface can also be created by using Kotlin,Java, Swift and Flutter.It is not only capable of making apps for Android and IOS only, but it can be used to develop apps for Windows,MAC,Linux,Etc.

Flutter History

The first version of the flutter called or code-named as "SKY"  was released for the Android Operating System.The first version of flutter was  flutter 1.0. The program was first introduced on 4th Dec,2018.The flutter as new opensource
framework was firstly exposed on 2015 DART developers Summit.
Google announced at the Google Developers Summit in Shanghai,China on December 4, 2018 that it will launch the first version of Flutter in an event called "Flutter Live".
At the Flutter Live event the first stable and official version of flutter 1.0 was introduced and released.

Flutter Architecture:

Dart platform

Flatter apps are written in dart language and use many of the advanced features of this language.
The Android, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems use the semi-official Flutter Desktop application, which runs on the Darts virtual machine and uses a real time executable engine.
Due to the limitations of the App Store for executing dynamic code, iOS flutter apps use ahead-of-time or AOT to compile and execute code.
The notable feature of the Dart platform is the support for the hot reload feature where changes to the application's source can be injected into a running application.

Flutter engine

The Flutter Engine is written with a C++ and supports low-level rendering using Google's Skia graphics library. It also communicates with the SDK for Android and iOS platforms.
The Flutter Engine is a portable platform for hosting Flutter applications.
Flatter's main libraries, including animation and graphics, file and network, accessibility support, plug-in architecture, and compile are implemented in the Flutter Engine.

Foundation library

Flutter libraries are written with darts, providing basic classes and functions for building applications and communicating with the Flutter Engine API.

Design-specific widgets

The interface of applications such as text, images, shapes, animations are all designed with widgets.
More complex widgets can be created by combining a few simple widgets.
However, it is not necessary to use the widget to create flutter apps. An alternative way is to use a basic library directly and display.

The "Hello World" program in Flutter looks like this

Applications made from Flutter:

1.Google AdMobs



Flutter Introducing videos uploaded by Google Developers

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